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Postby steveowe » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:04 pm


Grover Beach, CA. (Aug 3, 2010) – Slime, Accessories Marketing, Inc. announces sponsorship of the desert race team TA Racing.

Slime Accessories Marketing, Inc. is excited to announce its sponsorship of TA Racing for the 2010 racing season in the EDR (Extreme Desert Racing) series held exclusively in Texas, and the 5th Annual M.O.R.E Powder Puff races held in California.

Accessories Marketing, Inc. is the worldwide leader in tire care. Slime sealant is the most widely distributed brand of liquid sealant in the world. Off-road race teams pre-install Slime Tire Sealant in trailer tires and off-road racing tires to prevent flats. Slime has supported at least 7 winners of the SCORE Baja 1000 each of the past 3 years, as well as winners of most other desert race series. The company sells its products in more than 79 countries, at more than 60,000 retail distribution points worldwide. Major OEMs around the world in the automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle markets have come to rely on Slime sealant to prevent and repair flat tires. Slime is the preferred tire sealant of the American Automobile Association (AAA), a distinction that reveals consumer confidence in the product. Accessories Marketing, Inc. is an ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer.

Slimes’ Marketing Director Joe Bowman states “Slime is excited to partner with TA Racing - a sound platform to grow Slime awareness, while expanding the world of desert racing in Texas. Less flats – more podiums!”.

Team Slime will be managed by Greg Atwell, who is also the navigator of the Class 5 Unlimited #5016 with Steve Tyo behind the wheel. Steve will also co-drive the Class 12 single seat which has Allen Englebert as driver.

In addition to racing all of the EDR races in Texas, TA Racing will also compete in the 5th annual Powder Puff race in California which will be driven by Maile Kahananui-Pope from San Diego, co-driven by Shari Atwell with a couple of Special Guest Racers.
Steve Tyo states “The entire TA Racing team is excited to work with Slime and looks forward to a winning season.” With the corporate image and with first class products that Slime brings to off-road racing we know we have the competitive edge we need to win!” To keep up with TA Racing and Slime progress throughout the season go to or

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