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Postby Admin » Sun Jul 20, 2003 2:18 pm

We are not ban-happy moderators. We have set out some very simple rules to follow, and users that disrespect the rules will have their username banned, but will still have a chance to re-register. After being banned three times, you will be perma-banned. Threatening the admin after being banned will also get you permanently banned.

If you are banned, your name will appear here, followed by the rule you broke. The only way to get your account back is by re-registering a new name. If you re-register with intent to cause trouble, we will ban your IP address from our entire website, and you will no longer be able to view our photos, videos, or other content.

The following users have been banned from the forum, along with the reason leading to the ban:

rzathagza : Insulting moderators and general disrespect for the forum rules.

rzathagza2 : Sent an e-mail threatening violence after being banned for not following the simple rules. Now perma-banned from the entire website.

prerunner00 : Moderator sassery. Permanently banned from the entire site for making violent threats to admin via AIM.

kingmotox : Insulting admin.

phatranger : Flaming in his first post on the board.

Imminent Productions : Soliciting video sales in his first post on the board.

Parx400 : Insulting moderators and general disrespect for the forum rules.

johny appleseed/geffroman : Posting inappropriate/nude image.

theone : Racism.

toyotaprerunners : Constant trolling/flaming.


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