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Postby Admin » Sun Jul 20, 2003 2:21 pm

The forum rules are as follows. Offending posts will be deleted, and in extreme cases, users will be banned. It is your responsibility to read and follow these rules. "I didn't know", or "I didn't see the rules" is not a valid excuse.

If you are new to the forums, please lurk before posting. This will give you a good idea of what is acceptable and unacceptable posting in practice.

- Useless Posts: If you post a single-word reply in a thread (like "cool", or "LOL"), your post will be deleted with warning, and after constant abuse, you will be banned. These posts are the equivalent of forum trash and are a waste of paid server space. Please take some time to make thoughtful posts.

- Whining/Trolling: If you don't like a thread, simply do not reply. Pointing out how useless you feel a thread is will result in your post being deleted, and after constant trolling, a ban. If a thread is terrible, it will either be deleted, or sink to the bottom of the forum without your help; leave it up to the Admins and Moderators to do so.

- Personal Conflicts and Threats: Flames and other pissing contests must be confined to Private Messages. Persistent offenders will be warned, and if continued, they will be banned. Any threats made to any user will result in the user being permanently banned from the entire site.

- Moderator Sassery: Any form of moderator harassment including insults, doing the opposite of something you were asked to do, reposting a thread that was deleted, complaining about a custom title, etc. will be warned, then banned if failure to comply with the rules.

- Offensive Images: Keep all disgusting, pornographic, and racist pictures off of our forum. This will result in an immediate ban. If the image is borderline, we will delete it and warn you with a Private Message. If it isn't safe to view at work, it doesn't belong on the forum.

- Thread Derailing: Do not turn a good thread into off-topic banter. Many threads leading to good information have been destroyed by such posts. These replies will be promptly deleted, so please start your own thread instead. Offtopic chat is OK in the Talk forum.

- Solicitation: Do not use this forum as a means of blatantly promoting a product, or generating traffic to your website. Offending posts will be deleted or the user will be banned. It is perfectly OK to link new videos or photos hosted on your own webspace, or show detail photos of a new suspension your shop created. However, we do not tolerate blatant advertising.

- Company Wars: All reputable fab shops make good products. If you would like someone to compare products or explain which they think is better, try calling both shops in question and asking. We will be happy to provide you with phone numbers to accomplish this. There is no better answer or explanation than one straight from the source. If you would like a specific forum member's opinion, send them a PM. Product comparisons have a history of provoking harsh posts, low blows, and flame wars. There is nothing wrong with asking questions on why company "A" does this while company "B" does that. Offending posts will be deleted, and users will be banned after constant abuse.

- Avatars: Offending avatars will be removed, and if re-uploaded again by the user, they will be banned. If you want to be clever and use our "banned" avatar which we use to distinguish banned users, we will assume this means you are asking us to ban you, so we will go ahead and do that.

If you do not agree to these rules, you're free to no longer visit the Desert Rides forums. If you do not like these rules, please do not register here, it will be better for the forum community.

The Administration

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